Marais House – Location

The house is in the 3rd Arrondissement just a short walk from the heart of the Marais District.

The Marais is the oldest and most historical area in Paris. A place of aristocratic residence in the XVII century, it was abandoned during the Revolution and became an architectural wasteland. The Marais was not touched by Baron Haussman in his 1830’s effort to make Paris the most modern city in IXXth century Europe. The Marais retains its pre IXXth Century splendor. In 1962 it was declared a historical monument and the resurrection began in earnest. The area is once again fashionable with many galleries and restaurants, fashion boutiques and cultural centers. The main streets and narrow passageways are bustling with activity.

Nearby are Pompidou/Beaubourg Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Louvre Museum, the Place des Vosges.

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